Steel pipes wholesaler in Warsaw

Our advantage is knowledge and experience

FERGES is a wholesaler offering a wide range of steel pipes of the highest quality. We have gained our experience over the years, working on demanding investments of various types. Putting special emphasis on the quality of the offered material, we cooperate with the best steel mills in Russia and Belarus. We try to approach each order individually and focus on the needs of the partners. We insist on our flexibility in the method of transport or payment. We run an online store with steel pipes, enabling 24/7 purchase.

Knowing the market, we are aware how important is time and a fast order exeution. We work with small and large enterprises that have trusted our knowledge and experience in this area. We give great effort to ensure that our contractors' investments are efficiently implemented. Proven sources are a guarantee of your success. Our steel is extremely durable and resistant to any damage and destruction caused by biological, mechanical and chemical factors as would be expected from a material used all over Europe.

Through our actions and hard work, which is based on continuous development and improvement of our skills and services, we gain more and more trust in a wider group of companies. We are not going to be satisfied with it! We believe that it can always be better!

The wholesale of steel products, unique assortment

Here in FERGES we value every customer and every type of order. Demand can be very diverse. This is why we offer pipes of various sizes, grades and shapes. Our steel pipe offer has:

Select the quality of steel according to its purpose

FERGES knows that the type or quality of steel pipes selected in our warehouse should be selected according to their intended use. In order to make it easier for you to choose the type of pipes, we have introduced their appropriate markings.

The designation of the steel grade of the warehouse includes two main symbols and one additional symbol. First is the letter that symbolizes the application. The second symbol is the three-digit code representing the form yield strength. Additional symbols differ depending on the type of steel.

  • S - structural steel;
  • R - steel for rails;
  • L - steel for line pipes;
  • B - steel for reinforcing bars;
  • Y - steel for compression strings;
  • P - steel for pressure equipment;
  • G - cast steel.

Technology matters

The wide assortment you will find in our steel pipes warehouse comes not out of nowhere. The production of pipes and their technology is also important. Our pipes are manufactured in such a way that their strength parameters meet the toughest requirements. All steel pipes we offer undergo a number of different types of tests like resistance to high temperatures or severity of load. Our range of seamless (from 48 to 420 mm) and welded (up to 3200 mm) tubes has a wide range of products with various diameters that you will surely be satisfied with.

We value customer satisfaction

We believe that the high-quality steel pipes offered by our steel wholesalers from Warsaw will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. A competitive price list is our additional advantage. We have already been trusted by many companies, which we appreciate and are very grateful for.

By putting your trust in us, you will give us a chance to show offers with good steel pipes and a solid customer service.

Own transport

24x7 Customer service

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