Ferges store rules


  1. General provisions
  2. Electronic services
  3. Conclusion of contracts
  4. Terms and methods of payment
  5. Timing, methods, and cost of delivery
  6. Claim Rules
  7. Pre-trial settlement of claims and lawsuits
  8. Contract Termination Rules
  9. Additional conditions

The rules of the sale in the online store are ferges.eu regulated by the current legislation and do not contradict the Consumer Protection Act. Any provisions that are in doubt are interpreted in favor of consumers.

1. General provisions

1.1. The online store is located at www.ferges.pl, managed by FERGES SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ, headquartered in Warsaw. Legal address a Poznanska street 37/B33, 00-689, Warszaw. Entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the national judicial register under the number KRS 0000712120. The authorized capital of 5,000 zlotys. Email address: info@ferges.pl, contact phone: +48 22 602 20 29. INN: 9542786705; PSRN: 369150558.

1.2. The rules regulate relations between consumers and entrepreneurs who use the online store unless otherwise provided by the rules.

1.3. The rules for processing personal data are specified in the privacy policy. Contain rules that relate to the processing of personal data by the store administrator, including the basics and goals of personal data processing and the rights of data subjects, as well as information about the use of cookies and analytical tools in the online store. The use of the online store, making purchases, and providing personal data are voluntary, except in cases specified in the privacy policy (conclusion of the contract, obligations of the seller).

1.4. Main definitions:

1.4.1. WORKING DAY – any day from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays.

1.4.2. REGISTRATION FORM – a form in the online store for creating an account.

1.4.3. ORDER FORM – an interactive form in the online store that allows you to place an ORDER by adding products to an electronic basket and determine the methods of delivery and payment.

1.4.4. CUSTOMER – (1) a capable individual or person with limited legal capacity, as defined by law; (2) a legal entity and (3) an organization that does not have legal status but is recognized as capable; that you have concluded or are going to conclude a Sale and Purchase Agreement.

1.4.5. CIVIL CODE – Civil Code of April 23, 1964 (Journal of Laws of 1964, No. 16, item 93 as amended).

1.4.6. ACCOUNT – an entry having an individual login and password, which contains a set of information about the RECIPIENT of the SERVICE and the ORDERS made by him in the computer system.

1.4.7. NEWSLETTER, ELECTRONIC MAILING – an electronic service that allows you to automatically receive information about new PRODUCTS, promotions, and news of the online store by e-mail.

1.4.8. PRODUCT goods offered in an online store that is the subject of a contractual relationship between the CUSTOMER and the SELLER.

1.4.9. RULES – regulations of the online store.

1.4.10. ONLINE STORE – a store located on the Internet at ferges.eu

1.4.11. The SELLER, SERVICE PROVIDER - the FERGES SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ company located in Warsaw (the legal st. Poznanska street 37/B33, 00-689, Warszaw). INN: 9542786705; OGRN: address 369150558, e-mail address: info@ferges.pl and contact phone number: +48 22 602 20 29.

1.4.12. AGREEMENT – an agreement to purchase goods through an online store.

1.4.13. ELECTRONIC SERVICE – a service provided to the CUSTOMER electronically through an online store.

1.4.14. SERVICE RECIPIENT – (1) a natural person having full or limited legal capacity; (2) a legal entity; (3) an organization that does not have the status of a legal entity, but is endowed with legal capacity; that uses or has the intention to use the electronic service.

1.4.15. LAW – Consumer Protection Act

1.4.16. ORDER – filling out an order form to conclude a contract.

2. Electronic services

2.1. The following ELECTRONIC SERVICES are available in the online store: account, ORDER form, and MAILING.

2.1.1. You can use your account after completing your REGISTRATION FORM and confirming your email. IN THE REGISTRATION FORM, THE RECIPIENT OF THE SERVICE MUST specify: first and last name, company name, address (street, house number, apartment, postal code, city, country), e-mail address, contact phone number, and password. If the CUSTOMER is an individual, a tax identification number must be provided. The "Electronic Account" service is provided free of charge for an indefinite period. The SERVICE RECIPIENT has the opportunity at any time and without giving any reason to delete the Account (cancellation of the Account) by sending a corresponding request to the SERVICE PROVIDER.

2.1.2. The ORDER FORM allows you to create an ORDER. Editing fields is possible before the "confirmation of purchase". In the ORDER FORM, the CUSTOMER must provide the following data: first and last name, company name, address (street, house/apartment number, postal code, city, country), e-mail address, contact telephone, and SALES AGREEMENT data, namely: PRODUCT (S), a quantity of PRODUCT (S), place and method of delivery of PRODUCT (S), payment method.

2.1.3. ELECTRONIC MAILING allows you to get up-to-date information about the company's shares. You can subscribe when you create an account. MAILING is provided free of charge for an indefinite period. Failure occurs when the corresponding request is sent to the SERVICE PROVIDER's email address.

2.2. It is forbidden to provide irrelevant information or illegal content.

2.4. Complaints related to the operation of the store are accepted in writing at address Warsaw, Poznanska street, 37/B33 or by e-mail info@ferges.pl

2.4.1. In the description of the complaint, it is necessary to indicate the information and circumstances of violations, the CUSTOMER's request, and information for communication with it.

2.4.2. The response to the claim is carried out within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

3. Conclusion of contracts

3.1. The AGREEMENT is concluded after the ORDER is placed via the online form on the website.

3.2. The cost of the PRODUCT is indicated with VAT. Shipping costs and other expenses are indicated at the ORDER checkout.

3.3. The CONTRACT is concluded according to the following scheme:

3.3.1. The CUSTOMER makes an ORDER on the site.

3.3.2. The SELLER confirms receipt of the order by sending an e-mail to the CUSTOMER's address. Receipt of the letter by the CUSTOMER is a confirmation of the conclusion of the CONTRACT.

3.4. CUSTOMERS 'interests shall be protected following these RULES and existing legislation.

4. Terms and methods of payment

4.1. By the CONTRACT the following wage types are provided:

4.1.1. Bank transfer to SELLER's account.

4.1.2. Electronic payments.

4.1.3. Cash card.

4.2. Payment term.

4.2.1 Bank transfer, electronic payment or card payment must be made within 7 days after the conclusion of the AGREEMENT

5. Terms, methods, and cost of product delivery

5.1. Delivery is carried out throughout Poland and Europe.

5.2. Delivery shall be paid unless otherwise specified in the SALES AGREEMENT. The shipping price shall be indicated at the time of the ORDER.

5.3. Delivery is carried out:

5.3.1. Own vehicles in Poland.

5.3.2. By rail with the formation of prefabricated wagons of PRODUCTS of any size and quantity from the company's warehouses in Warsaw.

5.4. The delivery time of the PRODUCT is up to 30 working days.

5.5. Wagons shall be shipped within 10 days after the signing of the CONTRACT.

5.6. Applications for transit cars are accepted until the 25th of the month preceding the delivery.

5.7. The beginning of the delivery period is calculated from the date of receipt of payment to the SELLER's settlement or bank account.

6. Claim Rules

6.1. The grounds for filing claims and the scope of liability are determined by the legislation of Poland.

6.2. The complaint is submitted by the CUSTOMER in writing to the address Warsaw, Poznanska street, 37/B33 or by e-mail info@ferges.pl.

6.3. Filing a complaint is arbitrary and does not affect the time frame for consideration. In the description, it is recommended to indicate the information and circumstances of the defect (in particular, the type and date of detection), requirements for eliminating the claim, and contact details.

6.4. The claim is considered within 14 days from the date of its submission. If there is no response within 14 days, the request is considered reasonable.

6.5. The return of the warranty product is carried out at the address: Warsaw, Poznanska street, 37/B33. The SELLER is responsible for the costs of delivery of the inappropriate goods if the CUSTOMER is a consumer. Otherwise, delivery is paid by the CUSTOMER. If the delivery of goods is complicated by external circumstances, then the inspection of the goods is carried out on the spot.

7. Pre-trial settlement of claims and claims

7.1. The Internet platform http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr allows for pre-trial settlement of disputes between the SELLER and the CUSTOMER at the EU level if the contractual relationship was formalized through an online service.

7.2. Pre-trial settlement can be carried out by the following methods: filing a claim, resolving disputes in a magistrate court at the location of the SELLER, contacting the consumer protection department.

8. Contract Termination Rules.

8.1. The CUSTOMER may within 14 calendar days terminate the CONTRACT without explanation and paying the costs specified in clause 8.7 of these RULES. The application must be submitted in writing at the address Warsaw, Poznanska street, 37/B33 or by e-mail to the address info@ferges.pl.

8.2. The application for termination of contractual relations is submitted in an arbitrary form.

8.3. Termination term is determined by:

8.3.1. When transferring ownership: if the goods are delivered regularly – from the day the first batch arrives; if the goods arrive in batches or parts, then from the date of transfer of rights to the last goods.

8.3.2. From the day the AGREEMENT is concluded for the remaining CUSTOMERS.

8.4. Refunds, including shipping costs, are made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the application for termination of the AGREEMENT and confirmation of the fact of the return of goods. Additional payments are not refundable. The SELLER makes a refund in the same way as the payment was made.

8.5. The return of the goods is made by the CUSTOMER no later than 14 days from the date of the cancellation of the contractual relationship. Returns shall be made to the address of the SELLER or his authorized person unless otherwise agreed with the SELLER.

8.6. The consumer is responsible for reducing the cost of the goods if they were used in an order that goes beyond the features and functioning of the PRODUCT.

8.7. Expenses incurred by the consumer in connection with the termination of the AGREEMENT:

8.7.1. Return shipping costs.

8.7.2. Costs of a service that was performed before the date of termination of the AGREEMENT.

9. Additional conditions

9.1. When the goods are transported independently, the SELLER is not responsible for the quality of the goods, their loss or damage that has occurred, or the delivery time of the goods.

9.2. The RESPONSIBILITY of the SERVICE PROVIDER to the recipient of the service who is not a consumer, regardless of its legal basis, is limited both within the framework of one claim and concerning all claims in general – the amount of the price paid and delivery costs under the Sale Agreement.

9.3. All disputes arising between the seller and the client who is not a consumer are subject to litigation in a court having jurisdiction over the location of the seller.

9.4. THE SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to amend these RULES.

9.5. When concluding AGREEMENTS for a long-term delivery and amending these RULES, which will entail additional costs from the buyer, the CUSTOMER has the right to terminate the AGREEMENT.

9.6. The settlement of issues not specified in these RULES is carried out based on existing legislation.

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