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The Ferges team has accumulated a lot of knowledge, experience, and interesting stories over the years. And of course, we decided to share. In our blog, we will tell about the different types and functions of pipes. So you will know what they are, the specifics of the production of different pipes.

A separate role of steel pipes is in modern construction. We will talk about various technologies that make it possible to build buildings and structures even in extreme conditions or harsh climates.

With our help you will also know all the nuances of pipe selection, their brands, what distinguishes carbonaceous structural steels, alloyed and low-alloyed structural steels, which will help in the future to choose the best variant.

A separate block we will dedicate to the history of our deliveries, tell with all nuances how our projects are realized, how we transport pipes to all corners of Europe, the features of loading, unloading, and transporting pipes.

Thus, the blog will help to understand our products and make the right choice.

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When we think about building foundations, the first thing in our mind are foundation plates and rebars. But a good foundation can also be built with steel piles. Let's find out what role they play and learn about their types.

Reinforcing steel is used at almost every construction site. It is used most often for the foundation or a roof ring. Reinforcing steel materials consist of various types of reinforcing bars which form so-called reinforced concrete when combined with concrete, commonly referred to simply as “reinforced concrete”. It is the main building block of slabs, plates, ceilings, and columns.


Most people associate steel bars with the reinforcement of foundations and, in general, with construction. Indeed, it is in this area that these products are most often used, although it is worth knowing that there are other applications for steel bars. There are three popular types of applications.


Like any construction, the construction of a gas pipeline requires a number of permits and decisions to be acquired. For this purpose, the investor or designer must submit appropriate applications to the regional director for environmental protection, public administration authorities, and the provincial inspector for construction supervision.


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