Steel piles in foundation works

The role of steel piles in foundation structures

When we think about building foundations, the first thing in our mind are foundation plates and rebars. But a good foundation can also be built with steel piles. Let's find out what role they play and learn about their types.

What are foundation structures and what types do we distinguish?

Foundation structures (abbreviated: foundations), are designed to transfer the loads exerted on the ground by a building. Without them, no building would be stable enough, and its use would simply be dangerous.

Foundations are divided into direct and indirect. The former are in the form of benches, plates or panels and are usually used in single-family housing. The indirect foundations are created when the ground under the building is characterized by poor bearing capacity. It is mainly about building objects on slopes or sand hills. These foundations are also used to build harbor structures.

What role do steel piles play in foundation structures?

Steel piles are one type of an indirect foundation. They have the so-called foot, which
is responsible for the transmission of loads, and which is sometimes additionally reinforced. Steel piles are characterized by a high load-bearing capacity and resistance to bending
or twisting forces.

Foundation structures can be constructed from individual steel piles or from a joint set
of piles. These sets build pile walls and combined walls.

What grades of steel and sizes of steel piles should be used for constructions?

The strength of the foundation structure mostly depends on the grade of steel the piles are made of. The choice is wide, but higher grades are often more desirable - S420J2H, S550J2H or S460J2H. Thanks to them, we can reduce the number of steel piles necessary to create the final structure. Piles made of high grades of steel are often lighter - by up to 10% - while maintaining similar load-bearing capacity as their heavier counterparts. Less tonnage means less energy used in production, transport and assembly processes. This results in less interference in the natural environment.

When it comes to the size of the piles, we divide them into large and small-diameter piles. The first of them are ideal for geotechnical structures (like bridges, tunnels) and hydrotechnical structures (like harbor structures). You can also create combined walls) and use them in road construction.

The small-diameter piles, also known as micro-piles or mini piles, are products used while building in difficult ground conditions or to strengthen existing and under construction foundations.

FERGES steel wholesaler offers steel pipes that can become an ideal element for micro-piles or large-diameter piles. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact our sales department.