The use of industrial chimneys

Industrial chimneys - construction and types

Steel chimneys can be divided into single-layer and double shell/layer types. The first of them is characterized by a structure that simultaneously performs a supporting role and the function of transporting exhaust gases.

Double shell/layer steel chimneys, as the name suggests, consist of two shells. One of them is a steel core responsible for transferring loads, while the other, inner layer acts as a gas conduit.

It is through the flue gas pipe that all discharged gases and dust should pass. It is therefore important to choose the right material to create the flue gas line, as it determines the durability and reliability of the whole chimney.

The chemical composition and the temperature of the gases and dust to be discharged through the chimney are a key factor. Basically, the following rules for selecting the material of the flue gas pipe apply in most cases:

  •  for most gases - steel pipes with chemically resistant coatings,

  •  for dry and hot gases - pipes with ceramic lining,

  •  for dry gases - pipes made of traditional steel or Corten steel,

  •  for wet and cool gases - pipes made of FRP or lined with borosilicate glass,

  •  for aggressive gases - acid-resistant steel pipes.

The outer shell is usually made of steel or reinforced concrete. There are several types of steel chimneys, including chimneys made in the FS-RM, FSB, FSA-X and FSA systems. Sometimes chimneys need an additional support in the form of supports. These elements ensure better stiffness and stability of the whole chimney.

The use of steel chimneys in industry

Since the time when steam-powered devices in factories began to be replaced by electricity-powered devices, steel industrial chimneys became less and less needed.

Today, they are mostly used in heating systems, as the gases generated as a by-product of combustion are transferred to the atmosphere through them.

Steel chimneys are also used in the processing, chemical and energy industries, as well as in waste incineration plants, petrochemical, paper, cellulose plants or power plants. In all these places, they are used to remove dust and post-production gases.

For the construction of industrial steel chimneys, high-quality and large-diameter steel pipes are required. These are offered by FERGES. For details of the offer, please contact the FERGES Sales Department by phone or e-mail.