Ferges company specialists provide a full range of services for the purchase of pipes from the warehouse. We work throughout Europe, delivering goods to the customer's site or warehouse by our vehicles. For the convenience of transportation of steel pipes, we use the railway, road and sea transport.

The main priority of our company is caring for the customer, taking into account his preferences. Therefore, we provide comprehensive information about the company's work, how to make an order, payment options, and other information.

In this section you can find out:

  • Payment method – through the account of a legal entity or by bank transfer. It is possible to grant deferred payment or payment upon receipt. What is more convenient and better?
  • How to order metal pipes. Do you know how to make a choice or can't you collect the right order? Use the detailed guide and the order will be generated in a few minutes.
  • Conditions for sale of steel pipes. . Do you think about whether you should cooperate with us? Then review what conditions we provide to legal entities.
  • Time of metal products delivery. . Do you doubt that steel pipes will be brought to the facility on time? Specify the delivery time depending on the batch of metal products and the method of transportation.
  • Claims. There were claims? Then fill in the feedback form. We will do everything possible to eliminate the identified shortcomings.
  • Delivery methods. For those who value their time, we provide logistics services, responsible for the quality and integrity of metal products.
  • Availability of product. You need a steel pipe of a certain diameter and size, but you do not know if it is available? Do you want to place an order according to individual requirements?
  • Subscribe to the news. Do you want to receive current offers? Be aware of discounts, promotions?
  • Get help online. There were questions? Do you know what stage your order is at? Then use online help.

For more information, please contact our managers. Specialists have all the information about metal pipes, their properties, and assignments. Ferges managers will answer any questions, including helping to select pipes following the specifics of the projects being implemented.

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