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Ferges company has a wide range of steel pipes of various sizes, types, lengths, and designs. In our assortment, there are new steel pipes, pipes with dismantling from under gas and oil, seamless pipes, pipes with longitudinal seam, pipes with spiral seam, pipes of large diameter, thick-walled pipes. We try to ensure that pipes of all diameters from 89 mm to 1720 m are always available in the warehouse to ensure a comprehensive supply for your facility.

But we also work on an order, ensuring the supply of steel pipes throughout Europe (Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, etc.). Didn't find the desired diameter or wall thickness? Steel grade does not meet the declared requirements? Simply fill out the form on the site or call our consultant and in the minimum possible time, we will find a solution to your problem. The order execution period is from 2 to 30 days (depending on the customer's requirements).

Our work is based on caring for the customer and their needs. Our specialists are ready to find a solution to any problem and to choose steel pipes of any length, diameter, and configuration. In our catalog on the site, you can select steel products at any request. A convenient filtration system according to the diameter, wall thickness, required product standard will allow you to choose the desired option from the 1000 positions presented.

The warehouse is located in Warsaw, which allows you to deliver pipes of various diameters and lengths to anywhere in Europe. Contact us because we are the largest steel pipe trader across Europe, so we provide a full sales cycle, ranging from product selection assistance to offloading products to the customer's warehouse or site. The calculation is carried out conveniently for the customer with the provision of a complete package of documents.

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