Claims against ferges company

Ferges company employees make every effort to ensure that customers receive high quality products in accordance with the available certificates. But sometimes during the supply of steel pipes there are various kinds of nuances that provoke mistakes. Orders are not processed as the customer and we want.

If the customer receives the goods of inappropriate quality, a complaint can be filed, which will clarify the situation, because the customer’s satisfaction is the most important for us.

Complaints may be submitted in writing or electronically, providing the following information:

  • order number;
  • description of the problem with indication of the detected defect and date of its detection;
  • how to resolve the situation - termination of contractual relations, price reduction, replacement of goods;
  • data for communication.

The complaint is reviewed and a decision is made immediately after the claim is received. The maximum review period is 14 calendar days.

Complaint form

Спасибо за отправку запроса. Мы ответим как можно скорее.

At the same time, an out-of-court settlement of disputes between the seller and the buyer at the EU level is available on the Internet platform for online registration of contractual relations for the provision of services or the purchase of goods.

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