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You need to deliver steel pipes, but you don't know which transport company to choose? Then you turned to the address because you do not have to spend time looking for suitable transport, a trip to the factory and back, waiting for loading, etc. The logistics solutions provided by our company will allow you to deliver pipes from Warsaw to anywhere in Europe quickly and without unnecessary costs.

Why you should contact us

Our company is a trader of steel pipes in Europe with the provision of all related operations, from a wide range to the delivery of pipes to the customer. Cooperation with us is beneficial since we:

  • We carry out transportation by our vehicles. This ensures independence from transport companies and allows you to deliver products within the time limits strictly specified by the customer.
  • Deliver anywhere in Europe. We independently develop routes and consider delivery dates. This avoids unnecessary formalities - you ordered, we delivered
  • Guarantee product quality and integrity. Our specialists know how to carry out packaging, transportation, and loading and unloading of goods to deliver products to the customer in perfect condition. This is not only about proper placement, but also about proper fixation, compliance with the speed limit, transportation rules.
  • We ensure the possibility of transporting a cargo of any volume by completing the transport with a prefabricated assortment.

Settlement for transport can be made after unloading the product.

Correct loading on delivery of steel pipes

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know how important it is to deliver pipes in the right way. So that they can be used by you, we guarantee that the art of packing, transporting and helping with pipe unloading. We offer both new pipes and delivery of pipes from liquefaction . It is important not only to properly arrange the load on the trolley, but also to properly secure it during the journey. You don't have to worry about this anymore.

Transportation of pipes

The method of loading steel pipes depends on the diameter and length. Small pipes (up to 530 mm) are loaded by loaders. Loading of medium and large diameter pipes (from 530 mm to 1420 mm) is carried out by cranes or pipe layer. For loading pipes longer than 3 m, special equipment is used.

Loading standards depend on the type of transport, pipe size and diameter, wall thickness, and other parameters. So, pipes with a diameter of 530 mm are transported up to 15 pieces by road transport (or up to 27 pieces in a railway car). Pipes 1020, 1220, 1420 mm are transported in pieces 4 and 2 pieces.

The main difficulty in transporting pipe products is their shape. To deliver the product to the buyer in integrity and safety, it is necessary to:

  • attach pipes with belts;
  • to maintain the integrity of the insulation at the points of contact lay rubber;
  • use semi-trailers with conics to increase the space used;
  • shorter pipes to be placed on the top (if the load is prefabricated);
  • lay pipes strictly horizontally, without deviations diagonally.

The choice of transport (road, sea, railway) for the transportation of steel pipes is made taking into account economic calculations that depend on the volume of cargo, the range of transportation, the location of the site or warehouse of the buyer, the need to transfer the goods to another type of transport. Our specialists calculate possible methods and offer customers the most profitable option in terms of time and financial costs.

When transporting cargo by sea, it is necessary to exclude pipe wetting and uneven distribution. Therefore, the pipes are packed in containers with mandatory fixation inside.

Pipe transportation by road is carried out:

  • Pipe truck is a tractor with a special semi-trailer, equipped with conics for reliable fixation of pipes. Used for large diameter pipes (1020, 1220, 1420 mm).
  • Euro truck, which is equipped with belts, places for conics, or with conics. The number of pipes is determined by the tonnage of the car.
  • Onboard semi-trailer – for pipes of small diameter and length.
  • Road train – for pipes up to 6 m long.
  • Sliding platforms – designed for pipes more than 8 m long. Pipe products are transported in packaged form or bulk.

Railway transportation is carried out on universal platforms (require additional fastening), gondola cars, covered cars, or pipe cars (for large cargo). Belts are used to fix pipes, and liners are used to maintain integrity.

Buying and do not overpaying – possible

Those who value their time and money should apply to our company. We sell and deliver pipes of any diameter. All you have to do is select the required product, specify the delivery date, and address. The rest will be handled by our staff.

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