How to order steel pipes

You need steel pipes, but you don't know how to order them? The most convenient and quick way is to order steel pipes on our website. To complete your order, please submit your request through the feedback form or call our manager at +48 22 602 20 29. We work throughout Europe.

How to place an order

To complete your order quickly, you must:

  • familiarize yourself with the product name in the "Offer" section – new welded or seamless steel pipes, drill pipes, thick-walled pipes, collapsible pipes, etc.;
  • clarify the product specification – type and method of production, technical data;
  • choose the required diameter of the steel pipe, wall thickness, length of the pipe product (we have pipes of different diameters – from 89 to 1720 mm);
  • check the presence of the necessary pipe in the warehouse or place an order according to individual parameters;
  • determine the product type and quantity.

Have you decided? Then add the item to the shopping cart by specifying the required number of pipes of the required specification.

One truck can transport 22 tons of seamless or welded pipes. If more is required, the delivery may be by rail or by sea.

Payment of the order

There are two options for paying for the item:

  • Prepayment. You pay for the product and receive a VAT invoice. This is a prerequisite when working with companies В2В
  • Post-payment. Get your product and pay.
  • Deferral. Depending on the volume of steel pipe supplied, a deferred payment of 7 to 40 days is granted.

The choice remains with the customer; we work according to any scheme. After the order is confirmed, it is assigned a number.


Our company provides a full production cycle, as it is a trader of steel pipes throughout Europe. Therefore, the products are delivered by their transport so that the pipes are delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

We deliver goods to various European countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, etc. Delivery time – from 2 days (depends on the presence of pipes of the required diameter and length in the warehouse in Warsaw).

Delivery is carried out by various modes of transport to the warehouse or construction site of the customer:

  • sea – in special containers to prevent possible damage;
  • railway – containers of 5 and 20 tons, gondola cars of 60 tons;
  • automobile.

Pipes of diameter 1020, 1220, 1420 mm are transported by the piece with obligatory marking.

The cost of delivery is calculated individually depending on the distance of the object and the mass of the cargo, but because the pipes are delivered by our transport, the final price will be small (cheaper only to deliver itself). At the same time, our logisticians select the optimal route to minimize costs and delivery time.

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