Payment for rolled metal and steel pipes

Only legal entities can pay for the steel pipe order. This can be done from the organization's settlement account by bank transfer on the company's details from an account with any bank. To do this, print an invoice from your Personal account. The time for crediting money is from one to three working days.

Ferges company is a steel pipe trader in Europe, so you can pay for the order of steel pipes from any country: Germany, France, the Netherlands, and others. We accept payment in euros, zlotys, or rubles at the official exchange rate at the time of the conclusion of the contract. We have a flexible payment system: we can defer payment, we provide discounts to regular customers, and with large volumes of pipe orders.

Steel pipes are delivered by road, sea, and rail.

Within 5 days of receiving a partial or full settlement for the purchase of steel pipes, we provide an invoice. You will receive it immediately by email.

You can check the correct order, type of pipe, and then pay for it when we deliver the pipes.

If you still have questions about the payment of the order, please contact our managers by phone... or e-mail...

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