Delivery of steel pipe Ferges

To deliver the pipes, you need a special machine, a team of workers for loading and unloading. It takes time and strength. We offer a fast and easy option – delivery to the right place from our company.

Delivery to the destination from FERGES company

Ferges company employees will take on all the difficulties of delivering pipes to your construction site. In our state, our workers know how to load and unload heavy loads correctly. When transporting, we carefully fix the pipes so that they don’t get damaged. We have our car fleet, so we don’t depend on outsourcing companies. We also constantly improve our work, train drivers so that customers receive pipes with a diameter of 1020, 1200, 1420 mm without delays and damage..

Pipes are delivered throughout Europe – to Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and other countries. Give us any convenient place, time – and wait for the order. We often order large volumes of pipe products, so we have established efficient and fast logistics for any volumes.

Steel pipes are transported as follows:

  • Railway. This is the most economical shipping method. We transport pipes in open wagons or pipe trucks. Pipelines deliver pipes with a diameter of 530 to 1420 mm. Thanks to special platforms, we can immediately transport large volumes.
  • Motor transport. It is used when a small number of pipes need to be moved or delivered to places where there are no rail or sea lanes. Normal transport or long meters are used depending on the volume. We carefully stack the tubes together to prevent free movement and fasten them with screeds.
  • Sea transport. Pipes are transported in special containers, which reduce the risk of damage to the pipes and speed up loading and unloading.

Ferges company shipping benefits:

  • high speed of delivery;
  • saving time on the organization of pickup;
  • guarantee that the goods will be delivered without damage;
  • the ability to simultaneously transport a large number of different items of goods;
  • optimum ratio “price/quality”;
  • delivery of pipes of even large diameter – 1420, 1620, 1720 mm.

We make sure that the warehouse has stocks of all pipe diameters - from 89 mm to 1720 mm. Therefore, immediately after the approval of the order, we will begin to prepare for transportation.

Pickup from warehouse

If you want to pick up the goods yourself, this can be done by arriving at the address of our warehouse... To do this, you must first contact the manager by phone ... or email....

To receive the products, take with you an identification document, confirmation of payment, and power of attorney to receive the order (for legal entities).

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