Are you looking for new information about steel pipes orders? Or maybe are you interested in the market of steel pipes suppliers? The news page you are visiting, is a perfect place for those, who want to learn about our company, check the latest promotions, projects and inventory. It is always worth reading the news.

FERGES tries to cover all the needs of clients. We have hot and cold-rolled steel sheets available for delivery. Our service also has an option for galvanization of the material. Steel distributor FERGES has a wide range of sheets, coils, plates and forms.

What can you learn by reading more about steel pipes?

Thanks to the news we are announcing here, you can learn more about what pipes you need, which types are most used and what new technologies dominate or will dominate constructions from liquefied pipes.

You learn all the latest news, including those related to the store's operation and interruptions in delivery or problems with any process related to ordering steel from Warsaw. This gives you a high level of confidence and simplifies planning your work. You are up to date with all the promotions we prepare. As a result, you are the first to know what's new, which pipes are most suitable for your construction, and what else you can take advantage of.

Check our stock levels on a regular basis

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the news page. Thanks to the news we add on a regular basis, you can control the amount of materials we have in stock. Usually there is a lot of it, and we make sure that we still offer our customers steel pipes from liquefaction and steel pipes from disassembly in various specifications. There are times when we are also missing something. Thanks to the news, you know when and what is at hand. We hope, this will increase your comfort in cooperation with us.

Check our offer carefully and select pipes needed for your construction project. You don't have to leave your home to know what types are in stock and which are out of stock.

Thanks to the news you learn about promotions that you can take advantage of. Don't miss on new entries in the news page!

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