Changes on the website of the FERGES company

As a leading supplier of steel pipes, we are changing the way of presenting the offer on our website! Based on the analysis of information from customers and analytical tools, the structure of the website and its navigation gained a new look. From now on, searching for each items on offer will be easier and faster. The main offer has been divided into 4 main categories: welded steel pipes, seamless steel pipes, second-hand pipes, insulated pipes and coiled steel pipes.

Today, the website is not only a series of information about the company and its products, but also a real showcase and a testimony of the highest standards of customer service. New navigation and more intuitive searching in the offer of the FERGES company will help you find information about the product you are looking for. And the assortment is getting more and more ...

Browsing our website, please check how much the made changes will help you find a given assortment. We believe that our work will contribute to the continued improvement of customer service standards, which improvement is one of the distinguishing features of FERGES. If you want to see our offer in detail, please contact the sales department.