A new contract for a cyclical supply of seamless pipes for a Partner in Germany

Project information

Start date
End date
Frankfurt am Main
Producer of micropiles
Company function
Delivery of steel pipes
Materials provided
Seamless steel pipes
89,101,127,159, 219
1400 tons

Project description

Seamless pipes, based on the action of the roller in the processed material, gain the unique prosperity of having no seams. The lack of joints and binders translates into a high quality of the final product in terms of tightness and durability. After a cold or hot rolling, a sleeve of a various wall thicknesses and increased strength is created. Seamless pipes become a welcomed solution in building structures and other tasks from production sectors.

The quality of products provided by FERGES is once again confirmed by the interest of clients/customers. 

This time, a company based in Germany, specializing in the design of micropiles, will benefit from the offer of our steel pipes. Due to the recipient's brand and reputation, we have a special reason to be satisfied - says Marcin Tanecki, FERGES Senior Sales Specialist.

What application will our pipes find on the German market?

Steel pipes, due to their resistance, have special potential applications. A wide range of seamless pipes dimensions allows for an optimal choice in terms of the selection of steel piles installed by drilling. Pipes are characterized by the homogeneous properties of steel.Thanks to this, it is possible to estimate the load-bearing capacity of the piles during driving, high load capacity and low noise and reduced vibration during static pressing. Pipes - as steel piles - are used, among others:

  • for the strengthening of building foundations.

  • to perform the function of deep reinforcement.

  • to position of objects in difficult terrain conditions.

  • for the stabilization of landslides and reinforcement of slopes.

Would you like to know the detailed offer of steel pipes provided by FERGES? Contact the sales department - we provide a full technical support and comprehensive information about the capabilities of individual products.