Delivery of pipes for the construction of a bridge in eastern Germany

Project information

Start date
End date
Mühlenmuseum Woldegk
Construction company
Company function
Delivery of steel pipes Materials provided - Steel pipes EN 10219
Materials provided
Steel pipes EN 10219
1420 mm
14,5 mm
86 tons

Project description

Project description:

FERGES has provided a supply of large diameter steel pipes, which were used to build the foundations of a bridge in East Germany.
We are glad that our offer turned out to be useful for the customer who came to us with an urgent need to purchase steel pipes with a diameter of 1420 mm x 14.5 mm. Such situations confirm that our recent actions aimed at extending the offer of steel pipes with large diameters answered the demand of the market.

The time and logistic handling of the order was quite a challenge. An efficient organization made it possible to deliver the ordered steel pipes on time, thanks to which the client was able to avoid delays in delivering his project.

We want to our Principal for the trust. It motivates us to work even harder. We are very pleased to be an important link in the entire chain of deliveries and work, leading to the successful completion within the contracted period.

Imbedded piles made of large-diameter steel pipes

Imbedded piles for the construction of bridges are made of steel pipes of large diameters. The diameters range from 1020 to 1620 mm, and the length reaches more than 15 meters. The piles are an element of the deep foundations. Their use is necessary when the bridge structure has to be established on the ground of a considerable thickness. High energy hammers are used to drive piles into the surface. High-power drilling equipment is used to make holes to facilitate the process. If you are interested in purchasing steel pipes from our offer, please contact our sales department, we will help you choose the right products.