Delivery of steel pipes for culverts in a road construction in Austria

Project information

Start date
End date
Absdorf 3462
Construction company (Road works)
Company function
Delivery of steel pipes
Materials provided
steel pipes
60 tons

Project description

Engineers building an expressway in Austria will use large-diameter culvert pipes supplied by FERGES. This is another prestigious contract for our company on the Western European market!

Due to its geographic location, the Austrian road network, with more than 2,000 km of motorways and expressways, runs over hills and other difficult terrain. Numerous changes in height of the terrain forces engineers to build numerous bridges, culverts and tunnels. This is a big material and logistic challenge. Selling steel pipes for culverts in such conditions is a distinction for every supplier.

Culverts support every road

Steel pipes for culverts are the key element of the road infrastructure. Characterized by high durability and high resistance to changing working conditions, they are perfect for draining water courses, forming technical installations as well as enabling safe passage for wild animals.

Pipes intended for road culverts must meet high standards for bending, resistance and compressive strength. With their properties, it is possible to build long installations without the need for additional support. They are resistant to sunlight and do not leak substances from the outside. When choosing steel pipes for culverts, contractors pay special attention to the relative costs, strength of the material, resistance to corrosion, abrasion and impacts, as well as the tightness of connections.

Would you like to know more of the steel culverts supplied by FERGES? Contact the sales department - we will present the full offer and provide a comprehensive technical support.