Delivery of steel pipes to the Netherlands

Project information

Start date
End date
Tilburg, Holandia
Production Company
Company function
Delivery of steel pipes
Materials provided
Steel pipes
168, 219, 273
4mm, 6 and 8 mm, 5 mm
110 ton

Project description

With the growth and development of our company, we try to expand the borders of our activity. One of our priorities is the development of the company on international markets. With great satisfaction, we observe the increased number of contacts and partners in Europe. We are glad that FERGES is gaining more and more recognition and trust among foreign recipients of steel. We will make continuous efforts to further build our position as a reliable supplier of steel on the European market.

In July, we completed the large order for a new client in the Netherlands. We shipped over 100 tons of steel pipes of various diameters and wall-thickness. The material was needed as an element of foundation works, the extremely popular in Holland "micro piles". The material was delivered on time in several shipments over one week. The distinguishing feature of the delivery was not only the competitive price of steel, but also the availability of small pipes with various wall thicknesses at the FERGES stock. This is crucial in the current metal market.

The quality of delivery can be confirmed by further contact and inquiries from the new client. Customer satisfaction allows us to build good business relationships for the future. All comments from our partners are taken into account, and technical solutions for improving the quality of deliveries are implemented in subsequent deliveries.

Feel free to contact us and place orders - you can do this by phone or by sending an e-mail to the FERGES Sales Department. We would be also happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable products for your projects.

FERGES is a renowned supplier of steel pipes of various diameters. We would like to remind you that since this summer the FERGES offer has also expanded to include steel sheets/plates and steel tubes. We hope that the updated offer will allow us to adjust even better to the needs of our clients.