Express delivery of steel pipes from stock for an urgent order

Project information

Start date
End date
Kutno 99-300
Construction company (Foundation work)
Company function
Delivery of steel pipes
Materials provided
Steel pipes
22 tons

Project description

Efficient order acceptance and short delivery time to the construction site turned out to be a real rescue for one of the customers here at the FERGES warehouse. It was possible to avoid a costly downtime resulting from the lack of piles on the construction site.

FERGES as a wholesaler specializes in trading steel pipes thanks to experience, excellent logistics and a proven network of contacts in the best mills of the EU countries, Russia and Belarus. We are able to meet challenge of a delivery to the end recipient in a very short time. After one call to our sales department, steel pipes with a seam fi 508 mm x 9 mm, arrived at the construction site and were used to create the piles. Thanks to the intervention purchase, the tight deadline for the project will be kept.

Piles are the foundation of all ground, soil and earthworks. A structure is created, that enables the transfer of heavy loads and effectively protects the construction site. Their production is based on screwing in a casing pipe of a given diameter (resistant to changes in shape and water) and extracting the soil with a drill installed in it. This creates stable holes necessary for making drilled piles. Concrete is poured into the newly obtained and cleaned ground space using the contractual method. During wet work, the pipes are removed. It is important, that after cleaning, the pipes can be reused. Thanks to steel pipes, it is possible to obtain piles with a height of more than 20 meters.

Do you want to know the detailed offer of the steel pipes supplied by FERGES? Contact the sales department - we will present the full offer and provide you with a comprehensive technical support.