Supply of DN200 pipes for the construction of a gas pipeline in Poland

Project information

Start date
End date
21-010 Łęczna
Construction company
Company function
Delivery of steel pipes
Materials provided
Steel pipes EN 10219
273 mm
12 mm
1100 tons

Project description

Project description

Recently, our warehouse has had the opportunity to support customers who urgently searched for steel pipes necessary for their project. This time, our DN 200 steel pipes turned out to be needed in the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline in the eastern part of Poland.

The order included not only the sale itself, but also the delivery of the pipes to the construction site. Everything was completed on time. We are pleased that the high-quality steel pipes we offer had the opportunity to prove themselves in such a demanding project, as a high-pressure gas pipeline. Here we would like to thank the client that has decided to choose our services.

The steel pipes were used for the construction of the palisades (strengthen the landslides, with good mechanical resistance). Steel pipes available in the FERGES catalog will ensure the safe and long-term use of the installation. We invite you to view our offer and contact the sales department, where we will answer your questions.