Supply of structural pipes 219x5 mm for wholesale warehouse in Poland

Project information

Start date
End date
22-600 Warsaw
Pipe Warehouse in Warsaw
Company function
Pipe delivery
Materials provided
Steel structural pipe
219 mm
5 mm
45 tons

Project description

Ferges company specialists had the task: to deliver 45 tons of pipes for a company that is engaged in the wholesale sale of metal structures. Transportation of the cargo took 2 weeks.

The implemented project

The agreement was concluded on March 20, 2020. According to it, Ferges company specialists had to deliver 45 tons of pipes with longitudinal seams with a diameter of 219 x 5 mm, certification 3.1 to the wholesale warehouse in Radom within 14 days. Steel structures were manufactured in accordance with PN-EN 10219-1, steel grade - S235. Subsequently, pipes were used for steel structures. Delivery was completed on time, despite the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The customer received the cargo on April 3, which corresponded to the terms of the contract.

Pipe transportation in Poland and Europe

Ferges company employees deliver pipes from a warehouse in Warsaw throughout Poland and Europe. Transportation time – from two days. Such a short period is associated with the presence of a logistics department, whose specialists choose the optimal route, mode of transport.

We will deliver the cargo in perfect condition thanks to careful loading and unloading, correct fixing, placement, and other transportation conditions.

We know what a difficult situation many businessmen are now in, so we are trying to support everyone. Ordering Ferges company services, the wholesale buyer will receive a profitable offer: high-quality pipes at a low price.

You can order steel pipes that are suitable for galvanizing, sandblasting, and welding on our website. We can deliver steel pipes for steel structures of any volume and length.

If you still have questions about the delivery of pipes throughout Poland and Europe, call our managers at + 48 22 602 20 29.